Forest School

The Forest School Ethos

An incredibly inspirational education approach to learning where children develop many skills and attributes through regular experiences in the woodland; developing the child as a whole, in a natural environment.  Removing the constraints of the traditional four walls and allowing children the time and space to initiate their own learning through practical activities, children develop in such areas as resilience, confidence, self-esteem, imagination and independence.

Forest school allows the child’s full capacity to be respected; allowing them to use tools, explore, investigate and assess risks. There are no ceilings to learning for all children - no matter their perceived classroom ability, attitude or behaviour.

It is the adults role to lead by example, allow children to play and undertake achievable and challenging activities in safe and nurturing spaces, observing the child initiated learning and promoting further possibilities.

Fantastic freedom and fun!

What happens at Forest School?

Small groups of children get the opportunity for a sequence of outdoor sessions that enable them to gain new skills such as tying knots, shelter building, using tools and lighting fires. These skills are typically taught alongside or after many of the social and emotional aspects of the approach are fulfilled. As the children progress through Forest School they will become more independent and more responsible for their own learning. Throughout the sessions the holistic approach is at the forefront.

Forest School Staff

Our Forest School sessions are organised and run by Mrs Davidson for Key Stage 1 and Mrs Tarr for Key Stage 2. Mrs Davidson is working towards her Level 3 Forest School Leader Award and Mrs Tarr is an accredited Level 3 Forest School Practitioner.

All staff and volunteers that work within Forest School sessions have undergone an appropriate selection process to assess their skills and suitability for working with children.

A qualified first aider attends all sessions.  Both Mrs Tarr and Mrs Davidson have the necessary level of First Aid that is required to lead Forest Schools.

The Forest School Site

We are very fortunate to have two areas to work in and explore for Forest School.

Our Secret Garden: Our school secret garden is located to the rear of the school building. It contains a few mature trees, a campfire circle, wild flower area, raised beds and an open space to focus on group or individual activities.

Young Woodland: We also have a large school field with a sectioned off young woodland area with several established young native tree species.  

Please take a look at our Forest School Handbook for further information.