Handwriting at School

Handwriting is a skill which, like reading and spelling, affects written communication across the curriculum. Handwriting can be mastered by most pupils by the time they are seven or eight years old enabling them, with practice, to go on to develop a faster and more mature hand ready for secondary school and adult life.

Handwriting is a movement skill. Try writing your name and address with eyes closed, most people are able to do it quite easily, this is because the movements of your hand when writing are firmly established in your movement memory because you have made them so often. This is why children need to practise handwriting movements correctly and often.

At Ambleside school our children work towards cursive handwriting - please see below for letter formation or click the link on the top bar for more information.

For more information and guidance for helping your child with writing please take a look at our "Writing at Home" booklet by simply clicking on the image below

Early Years...Off to a great start !

Early writing is exciting and very  special. Children love to make marks and may begin to assign meaning to what they have written.  This is very special and important stage in their writing development so please encourage your child to make marks at home.

Ideas could include:

  • Writing/signing birthday cards
  • Shopping lists before a visit to the supermarket
  • Christmas lists/letters to Santa

If your child is beginning to use letter shapes and letters in their writing, for example writing their name, please can you support us by using our school letter format. You can also encourage our child to ‘robot talk’ the word (segment) for example cat=c-a-t and write the sounds they can hear.

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