Religious Education

Ambleside RE Intent, Implementation and Impact


Religious Education & Acts of Worship

Religious Education is an important part of the curriculum that extends children's understanding of the world in which we live. As a Church of England School, the Christian ethos of the school and the Christian values that guide us are apparent in every aspect of school life.  Our core Christian Values were agreed by the school community: pupils, staff, parents and members of the local governing body.

Children learn about a variety of religions and the attitudes and values of different communities and faiths. They are encouraged to explore their feelings, attitudes and values as individuals and as members of the local community and the wider world.

Regular collective acts of worship bring the children together each day of the week. These assemblies mainly reflect the traditions of Christian belief and promote shared values, tolerance and respect for others.  

If you feel that your child needs to be excused from attending collective worship or religious education lessons please discuss your concerns with the Headteacher.