School Vision

'Life in all its fullness'

Rain or shine...having fun learning outside.

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Here in Ambleside Church of England Primary School, parents, staff and governors have come together to create this vision for our children. As we work towards this vision, the children’s voice is valued and crucial and is central to making our vision a reality.  

We aim to provide a safe, inspiring and child-friendly environment which welcomes children and their families, and the whole school community including staff, governors and any visitor to our school.


Pupils in our school are taught to be well-rounded, flourishing individuals who reach their full potential. They should feel happy, cared for and listened to because we instil Christian values in all aspects of school life. We teach them to be respectful, polite and friendly to all and to be tolerant and understanding of others, including all faiths and cultures. They are taught to be helpful and kind and to develop their spirituality in many ways including through the support of St Mary’s Church, exploring their relationship with God.  This is supported through daily collective worship and by consistently referring to the visible display of Christian values and RE work.

Our aim is that successful Ambleside Church of England Primary School children are enthusiastic, ambitious and inquisitive. They are reflective and self-aware of their capabilities and goals, enabling them to live life in all its fullness. They are confident, proud of our school and look forward to coming every day. They respect each other’s abilities, including academic, sporting, creative and practical achievements. Independent thinking is welcomed and incorporated into the curriculum to give children a voice in their own education.

John 10:10 “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly”.


We strive to encourage a lifelong love of learning through high quality teaching which is engaging, inclusive, fun and varied. We want to provide memorable, motivating and relevant lessons as part of a curriculum that challenges children to use higher order thinking skills. We strive to provide learning opportunities that are differentiated or personalised to children, whatever their ability.  Teaching methods incorporate modern technology and practical learning both indoors and outdoors. The children’s learning is enhanced through visits to the local area and beyond and by welcoming visitors and experts into school. Our curriculum must be exciting and stimulating to inspire the children to be successful learners with the resilience to overcome difficulties.

Staff in school develop new ideas through research and questioning in order to best support parents and families, and children’s learning.

The School Community

To achieve our vision we recognise and foster support from many sources. As a member of the Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust we can benefit from advice and the sharing of ideas and good practice. The church assists us in learning about living the Christian life. They help us to learn about prayer and work with us to provide events such as Christian calendar celebrations and after school clubs. Our governors play a vital role in the strategic planning and forward thinking of the school.

Our Parent and Staff Association (Friends of Ambleside CE Primary School) are encouraged to continue to support us with fundraising and community events that result in a family ethos. Parents are also guided and welcomed to support their children’s learning and behaviour including complying with the school’s values and ethos.

We develop relationships with local organisations such as The Kelsick Educational Foundation, the health centre and local businesses, experts and volunteers. 

Matthew 22:39 Jesus said, “Love your neighbour as yourself”.

Staff Development

We ensure that staff and governors are given opportunities to develop through training, provided by the Local Authority, Carlisle Diocese, The Good Shepherd Multi-Academy Trust and partner schools as well as other external providers.


We support our children to be healthy. The physical and mental well-being of children, staff and all those connected with the school is very important. We encourage the children to support each other and to know that we should all work together to create, as described by one of our children, a ‘happy paradise’.