Feedback Guidance

We believe that high quality feedback is key to pupil’s progress and in developing their self-esteem. Everyday in school we can see that feedback has a huge impact on pupil’s learning behaviour, their personal levels of resilience and subsequently on the progress that they make.

High quality feedback should:

  • Recognise and praise pupil’s achievements.
  • Pick up on any misconceptions or gaps in learning.
  • Give children pointers on how to improve on any misconceptions or gaps in learning.
  • Lead teachers to adapt their planning for the next lesson, where necessary, or plan short interventions for pupils.

Marking Codes

To make feedback quick and easier for both pupils and the staff, we have devised a set of codes that are used in lessons, or in marking after the lesson. First, the children are taught to understand what each symbol in the code represents. After that, from as early as the Reception year, children can then correct mistakes independently or practise a skill that has been highlighted. These codes form part of the schools ‘Feedback and Marking Policy’ and have been adopted across the whole school so that children are not relearning new codes when they move year groups or have a new teacher.