The learning of Modern Foreign Languages at Ambleside CE Primary School is designed to underpin our Christian Values of fellowship, friendship, compassion and love. It provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience, which allows our children to develop their communication skills. This lays the foundations for future language learning, when they move along on their learning journey to a variety of secondary schools where various language programmes are taught.

The language education we strive to deliver fosters the curiosity of our children and deepens their understanding of the world. Their linguistic competence, their knowledge of how language works, and their exploration of the similarities between their own and different languages is developed through our language curriculum.

Our learners’ experience of learning a new language introduces a wider international aspect to their learning and raises their awareness of the multilingual elements in the society in which they live. In addition, it also strengthens their understanding of their own culture and identity.

The chosen languages are those commonly spoken at home by our children as their first language or as languages that the local secondary schools teach. We also include BSL as a recognised language in its own right and Welsh as it is a widely spoken and taught UK language.


Our Modern Foreign Language curriculum varies from the 2014 National Curriculum. Children begin to learn to speak 12 different languages in Reception and continue through to Year 6 with the same languages, gradually increasing the vocabulary and the topics covered.

In lower Key Stage 2, children learn to read words and short phrases in the languages and the children in upper Key Stage 2 learn to read and write phrases and sentences.

  • Autumn Term - French & German (1st half term), Italian & Spanish (2nd half term)
  • Spring Term - Mandarin & Welsh (1st half term), Japanese & Polish (2nd half term)
  • Summer Term - BSL & Bulgarian (1st half term), Romanian & Hungarian (2nd half term)


  • The children will understand and respond to some spoken foreign languages, using simple phrases, sentences with the correct pronunciation and with the correct intonation.
  • They will understand some written foreign languages
  • They will write words, phrases from the written language on familiar topics.
  • They will strengthen the understanding of their own culture and identity alongside fostering an appreciation and respect of that of others.


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